This is a medical term for men with women-like breasts.

It is a very common condition; some men frequently suffer from social embarrassment and emotional distress. Understandably, such self-consciousness can hinder intimacy with partners.

There are other causes of gynaecomastia:


In obese men with gynecomastia exercise and weight loss are recommended as a first course of action. A regimen of diet and exercise for obese men can sometimes reduce the pseudo gynaecomastia (fatty, non-glandular breast tissue) to reasonable portions.

Anabolic Steroids

Excessive Drinking & Smoking
Smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in excess can also produce glandular breasts in men.

Other Causes

Some prescription medication contains estrogen  which causes gynaecomastia. The prolonged use of aspirin, digoxin and cimetidine and many other medications has also been implicated in the production of excess breast tissue among men.

Surgical procedures related to gynaecomastia are often done as a day procedure.

After surgery, heavy work is not recommended for at least seven days. Recovery is usually swift, with about three days of recovery. There is usually little discomfort.